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It’s a conspiracy


I’m pretty sure my kids are conspiring against me. They have some sort of secret kid plot to not allow me to get anything remotely close to a decent night of sleep.
The most obvious offender is my 15 month old, Poppy. She is still nursing and wakes up several times a night, for comfort most likely. She has been consistently disrupting my sleep since birth. However, I pretty much anticipated this so I can handle it. I suppose.
But there are these rare occasions where Poppy will decide to be merciful. Where she will sleep just an extra bit longer.  What a wonderful thing this would be if it weren’t for the conspiracy.

Last night Poppy decided she was sufficiently comforted for a few hours and was sleeping well, as was I until…. Gigi, 3 1/2, slinked her way in and quietly whispered “Mommy” one time and one time only.  Now during the day Gigi is the loudest kid in the house.  Her talking voice alone is decibels above what is typically tolerable.  But for some reason when she desperately needs you in the middle of the night she expects that you will simply sense her presence.  Being a mom, I usually do.

So my eyes spring open at the feeling of being watched and there stands Gigi. “I peed in my underwear” She whispers.  I look at the clock – 1:30 am. Sigh.  Ok. She probably just didn’t quite make it to the bathroom in time. Quick underwear change and back to bed. Nope. She’s soaking wet. This means washing her up, removing all of her bedding, wiping down her mattress, and remaking her bed with clean, and very importantly, all cotton bedding (she is allergic to polyester) all of which must be done by the light of random night lights scattered throughout the second floor of our home.

After doing all these things and getting Gigi snuggled back into bed I climb back into my bed and of course can’t seem to get back to sleep. As I lay there contemplating how they communicate their conspiracy I think briefly that perhaps this was because I didn’t make Gigi use the bathroom before bed.  Nah….they are definitely conspiring against me.


Author: leangreenmommy

Hi, I'm Sonia! I'm the mom of 4 wonderful daughters and wife to one amazing man, trying to live a healthier life, care for the earth and just survive the day. When I'm not cooking up new recipes in the kitchen or shuttling kids to soccer, volleyball and lacrosse I run an in-home daycare and am a freelance writer.

3 thoughts on “It’s a conspiracy

  1. Awesome post. “Mommy…” And you do sense her presence! You are such a good mom. Someday you will sleep. Someday. And at least it’s only two of your girls who are conspiring on this particular issue. Suppose it was all four! Maddie: “Mom, I can’t sleep, I’m too worried about…” Comfort, comfort. She goes back to sleep. You lie back down; 15 minutes later, Ava: “Mom! I heard a loud noise and there are tickly things in my bed!” You go investigate the noise, find nothing; lift and sift through sheets to see if the tickly was a spider; no spider. Ava lies down, you comfort and comfort. She goes to sleep. You creep back to your bed, put your head near your pillow, then hear a wailing from Poppy: She has thrown up all over herself and her bedding, and she wants to nurse, and she’s getting new tooth. You get all that taken care of and put her back down and then, in your bed, eyes closing, you hear it:


  2. Ran across your blog due to your post on CafeMom regarding the well meaning gifter. Excellent blog. Will be linking you on my blog. 🙂

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