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Cookies for Breakfast?


Just in time for Back-to-School, I wanted to share a quick, easy recipe for getting your kids out the door and on the bus. These “Breakfast Cookies” could not be any simpler to make. And they are not loaded with fat and sugar like regular cookies. They are like a wholesome bowl of oatmeal in the shape of a cookie. So they are perfect for everyone from your picky toddler (who will think he is getting cookies for breakfast) to your over-sleeping teen (who is pulling on her shoes as the bus pulls up). They are also great to stash in a backpack for an after school snack before practice starts. You may even decided to stash a couple in your purse before headed to the store. That way you won’t be so tempted by all the shelves full of sugary, processed treats while grocery shopping.

Breakfast Cookies
2 very ripe bananas, mashed
1/3 cup applesauce
2 cups oats (quick cooking, rolled, steel-cut)
1 cup raisins
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Combine all ingredients and shape into cookies (be sure to flatten as these don’t spread like traditional cookies) on a lightly greased baking sheet. bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until golden and set (my oven cooks hotter so I did 17 minutes and they were perfect). Remove to wire rack and allow to cool.


Author: leangreenmommy

Hi, I'm Sonia! I'm the mom of 4 wonderful daughters and wife to one amazing man, trying to live a healthier life, care for the earth and just survive the day. When I'm not cooking up new recipes in the kitchen or shuttling kids to soccer, volleyball and lacrosse I run an in-home daycare and am a freelance writer.

12 thoughts on “Cookies for Breakfast?

  1. OMG sounds like a piece of heaven! Will be making these very soon. Oh and so happy that they are vegan friendly. πŸ™‚ May sub raisins for dried apples or dried bananas. πŸ™‚

  2. Not only do these sound delicious but they sound totally easy to make as well! And as a bonus to being good nutritionally they will be good at promoting a good breastmilk supply because of the oatmeal =). Thanks for sharing these!

  3. So do you think a touch of chocolate and/or peanut butter could be worked into this somehow? might make my kids more inclined to eat it.

  4. I think just mixing a little peanut butter in with the oats first would be great, then mix it all together. It might be a little sticky, but it would be yummy. Thanks for sharing, I think I’m going to make some tonight!!! I don’t have applesauce though, but I think I’ll substitute it with peanut butter.

  5. It worked very well with peanut butter. It was a little too sticky, so I added a little apple juice to make it a better consistency. I also added honey, very yummy!

  6. 2 cups oats (quick cooking, rolled, steel-cut) I’m a little confused by this?? Sorry I’m not much of a baker/usually out of the box, however we are learning to eat/cook/buy healthier stuff so…is it a container of oats? whats w/the quick cooking/rolled/steelcut?? lol

    • There are different styles of oats. I don’t see steel cut oats around a lot but they are available (I believe at whole foods) and don’t look flat like rolled oats. The whole oat is cut into a few pieces so it looks more pellet like. When used in oatmeal they take longer to cook. The rolled oats are the uncut grain, flattened by a roller (these are in the canister in the cereal aisle). These are what I use regularly for my baking and oatmeal. The quick cooking outs are a combo of the other 2. They are made by flattening the already cut grain. This is also in the canister and will say “quick cooking”. When you use these you notice the oats less. You don’t have the pieces of oat in cookies, muffins, etc.

  7. These look really yummy! Maybe with the Peanut Butter I could get my Lion (picky 5 yr old) to eat them. Thank you!

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