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Greedy Green

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Green is more than a color. It is a way of life.

It’s also a buzz word that seems to sell products and get attention. Wether people are going green because it is fashionable or because it means something to them, it is a good thing.   Anything that makes people aware of what they eat, drink, slather on, use up, and so on, is helpful.

But lately it really occurred to me that there are two different kinds of “green” people.

The first are the Traditional Greens.  They take every reasonable step in their lives to make a difference on the impact to the earth as well as the people on it.  They recycle, bike to work, repurpose, buy local.  There are so many ways to make a difference.  I find that the Traditional Greens continue to adapt and evolve ways that they can be more, well, green.

Then there comes along the second group of greens.  The Greedy Greens.  I have recently noticed this different group of greens that seems to only care about the green things that directly impact their individual or family selves.  They eat organic as much as possible, don’t use chemical laden personal care products, buy organic clothes for their kids.  All of these things are great, however, they seem to have forgotten about one thing.  The earth!  They don’t want the pesticides and chemicals on them and their family (who really does?!) but they don’t find recycling worth their time.  They can’t imagine repurposing or up-cycling things.  And cloth diapers?  They are SURE that the environmental impact of washing those diapers completely off-sets the benefit of not dumping all of those disposables in the trash.  I actually hear that a lot and it is NOT at all true.

I’m not saying that the Greedy Greens are bad people.  I actually know some amazingly wonderful ones.  I just don’t think they have really taken into account the bigger picture.  We are stewards of this earth and I think we all have a responsibility to keep it healthy for generations that follow.  I think everyone should recycle.  If you don’t want to pay the guys to come pick it up then collect it yourself and make a once a week trip to the drop-off center (they’re everywhere).  Switch from paper napkins to cloth. Take shorter showers.  Turn off lights and electronics and unplug them when not in use.

Not everyone can put solar panels on their house or wind turbines in their back yard (I can’t do either!).  But every person, every family can find a way to impact this earth for the good of ourselves and those that come after us.


Author: leangreenmommy

Hi, I'm Sonia! I'm the mom of 4 wonderful daughters and wife to one amazing man, trying to live a healthier life, care for the earth and just survive the day. When I'm not cooking up new recipes in the kitchen or shuttling kids to soccer, volleyball and lacrosse I run an in-home daycare and am a freelance writer.

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