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Gigi’s Story


I have four daughters. My third daughter is Gigi. Her birthday is November 3 and she will be 4 years old. With this special day here I have felt compelled to share her story. Today I found out it is Vaccine Awareness Week so I knew I needed to share. Not everyone will agree with the choices we make, but Gigi deserves to have her story told.
Gigi was a very happy and content baby when she was born. But all that changed in one day….the day she had her two month vaccinations. That night she began screaming. Not a fussy baby but shrieking, screaming, like I had never heard out of her. She did that inconsolably for 3 hours straight. From that day on she had that episode, of 3 hours of screaming, every night. It’s colic, it’s normal, some babies just don’t handle all those shots at once so well but it is ok, it’s coincidence. Sometimes it is hard to do what is right when you don’t have anyone to support you and especially when you don’t know you have a CHOICE. It wasn’t until Gigi had 2 more rounds of shots that we found out that we really had a choice in this (thanks to my husband’s coworker).

I have always been one to trust my gut and not only did my gut tell me that those shots (or at least one of them) did this to her, I felt deep in my gut that if she got one more round I would lose her for who she was.  Her personality had changed.  She was moody, irritable, the temperature had to be just right in the house or it would send her into fits.  I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t allow her to be injected one more time.

She never had another vaccination after that.  And she began to recover.  I have since done a lot of research and found that the reaction she had was due to BRAIN SWELLING most likely caused by the DTaP vaccine.  Her new pediatrician supports this finding.

She is a happy little girl now. She doesn’t mind hot days in the sun or cold ones in the snow.  She is mostly quite healthy too.  She does have eczema, allergies (food, tactile, environmental), and we have begun to worry about diabetes with some symptoms she has.  Many believe all of these can be caused by vaccines.

When I think about what happened to Gigi, think back on those months, and realize what it was, brain swelling, it scares me. I am often with tears in my eyes when I think of what COULD have happened to my little girl.  It could have been worse. She could not be here at all.

So today, on this day before her 4th birthday, I say this: Her name is Gianna, which means “God is gracious”  ….. and He is.


Author: leangreenmommy

Hi, I'm Sonia! I'm the mom of 4 wonderful daughters and wife to one amazing man, trying to live a healthier life, care for the earth and just survive the day. When I'm not cooking up new recipes in the kitchen or shuttling kids to soccer, volleyball and lacrosse I run an in-home daycare and am a freelance writer.

5 thoughts on “Gigi’s Story

  1. Thank you for sharing your story about your daughter! I am so happy to see she is doing well and is a healthy 4 year old…TOMORROW!!! My son will be 4 on Dec. 7th. We too had him vaccinated in the beginning. He was 6 months old the last time he had any vaccines. I am grateful for a dear friend who helped me learn and to do my own research. Breaks my heart to know how much poison I put into my daughter when she was little, but I wasn’t willing to listen back then. Fortunately she is healthy now, but we did go through some troubling times with her. And now I can look back and attest to the fact that these problems were absolutely from vaccinations.
    Again, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your story. My daughter is 3 now and I am very proud to say..has never been vaccinated. Your story helps me to know that my husband and I made the best choice.

  3. That is very interesting.
    My sister was asking me if I thought she should get my niece vaccinated for Hep and the flu.I told her what the CDC website said, that it recommends everyone to get vaccinated. My Mom and her were “arguing” about it. My Mom thought that Lillian didn’t need them and my sister said that she did. I always thought that it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, sometimes the side effects are not worth going through….

    • The CDC exaggerates info on their site and they overhype the dangers big time. For example, the deaths that are listed on the CDC site as resulting from the flu, they admit that they include deaths from other things that could MAYBE have started from the flu but they don’t actually know. That is very deceptive. There are a TON of nasty ingredients in vaccines. I never realized how awful some of the stuff is until I researched it. I think every parent should do thorough research on the pros and cons of all of those shots (or not getting them) and make the choice they feel is best. But I don’t agree with blindly doing it just because the doc says too. And you need to view WAY more than the CDC website. Also, knowing your strong convictions, I recommend you look into the abortion cells/vaccine thing.

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