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Product Review: Re-Play Utensils

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I’m no one to believe babies need a zillion tiny products just for them. I fully believe there are several marketing geniuses out there laughing their heads off as they roll in our money as we hold useless contraptions that we were told we HAD to have to care for a baby.
That being said, I do find some items in the adult world NEED to be scaled down to suit toddlers. One of these things is utensils. If you have ever watched a 2-year-old struggle to manuever a large fork into her mouth you understand. It’s sort of like she is pole-vaulting instead of eating macaroni and cheese.
There are dozens of brands and styles of kid-sized utensils. I am certainly not an expert or even highly opinionated on any of these being better or worse. There are designs that are supposed to suit certain ages, help food stay on better, curve this way or that to accommodate the fist-hold of a toddler. I haven’t dug into all of this. We just have some small forks and spoons and we use them.

But I recently got the opportunity to try out some kid sized utensils from Re-Play. I signed right up. Not because I can’t resist something free, no matter what it is (that’s my big sister!). Not because they have some genius design that gets the food into junior’s mouth instead of on his shirt (promise all you want, a kid is a kid). These intrigued me because they are…recycled!
Re-Play products are made of recycled milk jugs! They use curbside collected HDPE plastic to make their utensils, bowls, cups, and divided dishes. They are also made in the USA and BPA, phthalate and PVC free. Even their packaging (which is wonderfully minimal) is made from recycled material.
They feel fairly lightweight while still feeling sturdy. My daughter used the spoon this morning to eat her daily oatmeal. I do like that the handle is a bit wide and the scoop of the spoon was a great size (not as big as a grown up one but not so tiny she can barely get any food on it).
So if you are going to buy kid-sized utensils, bowls and the like anyway, why not feel good about buying ones that are better for the earth and your kiddo. I may have gotten mine for free but I will totally be buying more things from Re-Play.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this.  They did not give me the free utensils conditionally on a good review or any whatsoever.  I am reviewing this product from my own desire to do so and I genuinely like what they are doing.


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