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Candy Unjunked!

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I was at the grocery store yesterday picking up a few random items we needed. As I walked down the coffee and tea aisle to get coffee filters I noticed a small cardboard display stand off to the side. It had candy in it but I had never seen this kind of candy before.
It is called Unreal Candy. I could see from the display that their tagline is “Candy Unjunked”. Being that I prefer natural things and avoid chemicals in our food I had to take a closer look to see just how unjunked this candy really is.
Looking at the label I found that Unreal Candy contains:
No corn syrup
No partially hydrogenated Oils
No artificial ingredients (that’s flavors or colors, people!)
No preservatives
Low glycemic index

So right now you are probably thinking, as I did, are you sure this is CANDY?? I had to purchase a few to try for myself. They have 5 products: the equivalent of plain M&Ms, the equivalent of peanut M&Ms, peanut butter cups, a candy bar like Milkyway, and a candy bar like a snickers. I chose peanut butter cups (my husband’s favorite candy) and candy coated chocolates (like M&Ms).

Hubby and I tried each kind of candy. I wanted his opinion as I tend to give healthy and natural products a bit more leeway because I WANT to like them.

Let me tell you, we both LOVED these candies. My Reese’s addicted husband actually was very happy with these PB cups and found them worthy of taking the place of his beloved candy. They were really delicious and didn’t have that fake food taste. You know, that waxy chocolate after taste, that super high sugar content (er, HFCS actually) that makes your teeth ache as you chew? None of that! And am I the only one who actually tastes the food dyes on M&Ms?? They have always been a fave candy of mine but since I cut food dyes out of our house I can actually taste them when I eat them (and they do NOT taste good, in case you were wondering).
The candy coating on the chocolates is colored with things like beet root juice and purple cabbage juice. I just think that is fabulous! And as you can see from the picture the colors are earthy and somewhat jewel-like. They’re quite pretty.
I recommend you look into Unreal Candy to see the difference for yourself. Now that I have had two of their 5 products I’m thinking I need a few more things from the store… 😉


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