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This Is Not Ok

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I guess I should start this with the announcement that Lean Green Mommy Machine is pregnant! I am expecting my 5th child around September 10, 2013. We are all super excited.
So I went in to see a random OB just to get a check-up in and to make sure all was well with the baby. I haven’t yet decided what I want this birth to be like so I just picked the closest OB (one I do not plan on going back to!). Well the medical assistant was super nice and she accidentally walked in on me as I was dressing. She felt horrible no matter how much i assured her it was ok. She decided to bring me gifts of apology. She brought me water, Nutrigrain bars and 3 bags of “goodies”. I hold no ill feelings toward the sweet MA who walked in on me and tried to make it up to me by bringing gifts. But I have a major problem with the gifts.
There were 3 items, all put together by formula companies (2 from Enfamil and 1 from Similac). They were supposedly aimed at breastfeeding women. I guess, they really ARE aimed at breastfeeding women, but not with the goal of supporting them in that. Their goal is to get you to switch. This predatory marketing is not ok. It just isn’t.
I don’t care how you choose to feed your baby. But undermining breastfeeding women in vunerable times is predatory and WRONG.
Here are a few pictures from the packages I received for breastfeeding women. What do YOU think?
BFing Formula Pic 1
BFing Formula pic 2
BFing Formula Pic 3

Do you see what that says at the bottom? “Even if you plan on breastfeeding, put this in your hospital bag. It’s good to be prepared when your newborn arrives. One good way is having both Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Gentlease on hand. You’ll be prepared if you choose to formula-feed, and you’ll be ready if your baby experiences stomach sensitivity, which is common in many babies during their first year.”

They are already placing in your head that a stomach sensitivity is likely and their formula is the solution, so best bring it along to be prepared. The goal of these goodies is to make you feel they are there to help you on your breastfeeding journey, and then to make you feel it’s too hard and just not worth it. This is not ok.


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