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Upcycle Those Old Jeans

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We have a dry erase board in our kitchen. It’s on the wall side-by-side with a cork board. We had huge dreams of organization in mind. I can’t say it serves us exactly how we envisioned but that’s probably my fault. I’m pretty scatter brained and disorganized by nature.
Our most recent set of dry erase markers ran dry the other day, so my husband picked up a fabulous 10 pack of lovely colors. There’s nothing quite like a colorful new pack of crayons, pencils or markers to get you excited! No? Is that just me?

Anyway… Our old parkers had magnets attached to the lids.

Always on the board when you need 'em!

Always on the board when you need ’em!


The new ones…

New Marker


So how do I keep all of these markers near the board (and out of the hands of my mischievous 4-year-old?

Don't be foold by the cuteness, she can wreak havoc.

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness, she can wreak havoc.


This is how

Marker Pockets



I cut the pockets off of an old pair of jeans I had in the fabric bin. I kept the back part of the pocket on like this

Inside of denim pocket



I then hot glued magnets to the back of the pocket. I just used some advertising magnets we had hanging around on the fridge. Everyone has a bunch of those they never even use, right? I suggest peeling the front off a bit. The hot glue will stick better to the papery residue left behind rather than the shiny coating originally on the magnet.

magnets glued on back



So there you have it! Some old jeans upcycled into marker holders for our dry erase board. This could be a fun way for teachers to hold their markers as well.

Marker Pockets



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