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Though She Be But Little

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My first daughter was easy. She was happy and content and slept well, ate well didn’t trash the house. She was the easiest baby I’ve encountered. This was even more of a blessing as I just turned 19 the day before she was born.
My second daughter was a bit more attached and later had, we now realize, some sensory issues. But she still was pretty darn happy, ate and slept well . I like to tell people you could put knives and fine china in the middle of the room and tell her not to touch it and she wouldn’t. Not even a little. This was as a toddler. It’s totally true, too. I remember her being one and if she found a pebble or scrap of something on the floor she didn’t stick it in her mouth. She would reach it up to me and ask, “I eat?” and if I said no she would say “Kay” and hand it to me.
My third child gave us a harder time. She was a head-banger (cabinets, floors) if she didn’t get her way. She also suffered a vaccine injury that made a time period fairly rough with her. She grew out of much of that but keeps a bit of sass and stubbornness around just for kicks (or to be a pesky middle child like my dad).
Then we have the youngest. This girl has been like no other. All of my kids have very different personalities but the 4th. Oh boy! She is feisty and has been from the beginning. She nursed ALL the time, seemed to never sleep (she did, just woke every two hours until almost 2 years), got into everything. Everything.
We never really needed actual cabinet latches until she was born.
This is her at about 18 months. She stacked boxes to reach the light switch.

Poppy on boxes

As my friend Jamie said, the pesky is strong within this one.

Two days ago the whole family went to the dentist. They sort of get us all in at once, more or less. So there inevitably comes a point where the children are roaming the dental office.
I sat in that chair yesterday listening to my little Poppy, two days from turning 4, popping into exam rooms, chatting with hygienists, checking cabinets for a certain toothbrush to take home (and assuring the room’s occupants that she was just doing so, with a “no worries” attitude.
When I was done the receptionist gave further details about her dental office tour and how she would lean with her arm on the wall, chatting. She acted like she owned the place and the thing is…they all went with it.
It wasn’t ever in a “Man, this kid is a pain, can someone get her out of here” way. She proceeded through the office with complete confidence that I rarely see in even adults. She greeted a delivery man and other patients and had staff doing this, that and the other.
This is kind of typical everywhere we go. Even if she is a bit more reserved she has a certain something about her that people are drawn too. I have been at the store, the high school, sporting events and heard teens and parents call out to her and say “hi”.
This kid challenges me like her sisters never have and I have NO doubts it’s not going to end anytime soon. But I also believe more and more every day that she is going to do something amazing some day. Just you wait, world.
This quote is Poppy.

Though she be but little

Happy 4th birthday to my little Poppy!


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