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Cloth Diapering: No Washer, No Dryer, No Problem

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I considered cloth diapering for quite a while before I actually took the plunge. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the work, the laundry, all of it. I began toying with the idea when my third daughter was a toddler and I was thinking of having a fourth child. I didn’t actually start until my fourth child was about 15 months old.
When I started I learned what kind of diapers I prefer (and they weren’t the ones I thought I would) and what kind of diapers my daughter needed to wear.
I also learned that cloth diapering is not hard, not a burden and not stressful. I really wish I had done it MUCH sooner. Just imagine the money I could have saved…..
Since I myself was a very worried, cloth-curious mom, I totally get why people worry. Now that I am a cloth convert I always try to offer cloth as an option to new and pregnant moms. Often they hadn’t considered it, didn’t know people still used cloth or were just too worried (like myself). I like to try to talk it out with moms to see where their worry is to see if I can help alleviate it.
Now, I’m not saying cloth is for everyone. I love it. LOVE. And I think it is possible for everyone but if you aren’t interested then that’s fine. Just own that. Don’t hem and haw and act interested when you really aren’t. My feelings won’t be hurt, promise.

I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to why people can’t use cloth. But honestly, very few people truly CAN’T do cloth. There may just be enough of a challenge to deter you. And like I said that’s fine, own it. It’s up to you.

But if you DO want to do cloth, if you’re really committed, you can work around challenges.

One of my dearest friends in the world is Clara. She and her husband are at the beginning of all that marriage, kids, figuring out life stuff. As young as they are though, they are making some very wise and responsible choices. I wish I had been as smart when I was that age.

Clara has two gorgeous little girls. One of them is still in diapers. They live in a little apartment above a vet clinic in a small town. They have no washer or dryer (or even hook ups), yard or outside space to call their own.

Know what? They cloth diaper that little sweetie of theirs. Clara figured the easiest way (also the least expensive) to do cloth while washing by hand. She uses flats and utilizes the Diaper Bag Fold and then uses a variety of covers (such as Flip, a favorite) that can be used over and over and easily wiped clean.

Know what other awesome thing she does?


Don't you just love freshly washed diapers on the clothesline?

Don’t you just love freshly washed diapers on the clothesline?

This it the walkout from the apartment. Those are her diapers and wet bag.

She’s making it work because it matters to her. No excuses.

Not always easy but worth it in her eyes (and mine).

What cloth diapering hold ups do you have? Would you like to know how to work through them?


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